You Will Not Believe How Kate Moss Organizes Her Handbags

As quite a woman of the world, and said world's first official supermodel, you might expect that the-one-and-only Kate Moss would have an absolutely insane collection of clothing, accessories, shoes, and pretty much anything else her fabulous heart desires. And on that matter, you'd be right.

Moss opened up her home to Vogue U.K.and revealed that not only does she have quite the crazy collection of fashion must-haves, but she also is pretty strict when it comes to organzing said items.

"My handbags are arranged by: black vintage, black daytime, bling evening, Chanel, colourful daytime and, lastly, simple clutches," she explains of her collection, which you can see above. "I usually carry a classic Louis Vuitton bowling bag."

Oh, you know, just a casual, alphabetical arrangement of accessories that includes an entire section devoted to Chanel. When we thought we couldn't adore this super-human 41-year-old anymore, she goes and does this.

Head to Vogue U.K. to get even more of a fascinating peek into the fabulous life of Kate Moss! And keep reading to see some of her best outfits of all time.