Only Kate Moss Could Get Away With Wearing This Coat

Oh boy. We can already picture the dedicated people over at PETA aiming their grenades firmly at our beloved Kate Moss—the supermodel just stepped out in Paris wearing the most insane fur coat we've ever seen. Moss donned the floor-length piece for the Louis Vuitton menswear show, where she sat front row and apparently really wanted to make a statement.

Ethical implications aside, we have to say: This coat is so large, so loud, and generally so over-the-top that we have to believe only Kate Moss could get away with it. She paired the Louis Vuitton fur with other pieces from the brand: a printed dress, black tights, and high-heeled booties. Her head-to-toe Vuitton look was appropriate for the occasion, but considering she could have chosen any Vuitton item she wanted, it's clear she was really going for something specific with this ensemble.

What do you think of Kate Moss's wild fur coat? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! And keep reading to find out why one Who What Wear editor thinks faux fur is actually better than the real thing.