Happy Birthday, Kate Moss! 9 Pieces Inspired by the Icon

You'd be hard-pressed to find a fashion-obsessed woman who hasn't cited Kate Moss as a major style influence, and rightfully so. She revolutionised the slip dress, made glossy eyeshadow look effortless, and basically caused every girl to crave a pair of Alaïa booties and a Saint Laurent blazer. Thanks to all of this, we're celebrating Moss's 41st birthday with a roundup of nine style staples she's mastered—plus a little get-the-look shopping, just in case you get inspired. 

Bold Button Down
Bomber Jacket
Chunky Turtleneck
Furry Stole
Kimono Dress
Motorcycle Jacket
Luxe Parka
Polo Shirt
Pussy Bow Blouse

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Pussy Bow Collar Blouse ($398)

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