Our Research Shows 2005 Was Actually the Peak Year for Kate Moss's Style

The likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are spearheading a '00s style renaissance with many a controversial item from the time. However, a decade later, there's one thing about noughties style that we still can't get enough of, and that's Kate Moss. The '00s might have been a turbulent time in the supermodel's personal and professional lives as she navigated several scandals surrounding her relationship with Pete Doherty, but this was also the time when Mossy wardrobe mania reached its peak.

According to our calculations, 2005 was the best year for Kate's style, as this was when she wore that gold Lurex minidress with Hunter Boots to Glastonbury (still obsessed), was photographed in Notting Hill in her red polka-dot dress and ballet pumps, and made T-shirts and waistcoats cool. Admittedly we aren't ready to wear a skinny scarf and grey waistcoat any time soon, but it is a look we'll always be ever so fond of. Keep scrolling to see Kate Moss's epic '00s style—and let us know if you agree that 2005 was the best year for her wardrobe.