Zara Is So Kate Middleton Circa 2007 Right Now

We might be used to seeing Kate Middleton in rainbow-coloured coat dresses, but in her Mahiki era, she wore scarf-printed halter necks and knife-pointed boots you might not expect to find in the duchess's archive. We love a flashback moment here at Who What Wear, and that's how we discovered that Zara seems to be taking inspiration from Kate Middleton circa 2007. Zara is flooded with gold scarf prints right now, and there's currently a near-exact copy of a dress Kate wore for a night out in London with her sister, Pippa, in 2007. Keep scrolling to see some of the best style pictures we found from Kate Middleton's pre-duchess days.

1. Scarf Print

Kate Middleton old pictures: in a taxi with Pippa

Zara has an almost exact copy of the scarf-printed dress Kate Middleton wore for a night out with Pippa years ago.

2. Floral Midi

Kate Middleton old pictures: floral midi

Floral midis have been the real hit for 2018. Middleton was a fan of a frill-hem dress a decade ago.

3. Polka Dots

Kate Middleton old pictures: red polka dress



Halter necks might not have made it into Middleton's royal wardrobe, but polka dots certainly have.

4. Knife-Pointed Shoes

Kate Middleton old pictures: skirt suit



Before Demna brought knife pumps to Balenciaga, Kate was wearing razor-sharp boots to the races.

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