Finding a Good Winter Coat Is Difficult, So Let Kate Middleton Do It for You

I like to think of myself as a bit of a coat aficionado. Having lived in the north east of Scotland—where the height of summer still calls for some sort of cover-up—for the first 21 years of my life, I've collected quite the assortment. I don't mean to brag, but having good coats is just something I'm known for—so much so, my friends are constantly dropping hints to see if I have any hand-me-downs they can call first dibs on.

However, when I'm in need of some inspiration of my own, there's one person I always turn to: Kate Middleton. Sure, Meghan Markle might have an impressive handbag collection, but as far as coats are concerned, Kate is The One, and over time, she's become even bolder with her selection. Perhaps she's been swapping style notes with the Queen, who always wears statement outerwear to ensure she can be seen in a crowd or from long distances by those travel for miles to see her. Regardless, there's no denying Kate has found her sartorial calling.

So which coat trends make the royal grade? I personally sifted through all of Kate Middleton's coats to bring you an edit of her most fashionable looks. Naturally, seeing as she's a master at rewearing old clothes, many of her coats are now out of stock, but fret not—I've found the next best thing in each scenario. No need to thank me—full credit goes to her royal highness.

Kate proves that rewearing your clothes isn't taboo. Take a leaf out of her book and see how she breathes a new lease of life into her older wares.