Kate Hudson Styled Her New Jimmy Choo Campaign

For fall 2015, Jimmy Choo asked actress Kate Hudson to style and star in its ballet-inspired campaign, and the results do not disappoint. The theme hit close to home for Hudson, previously a dancer herself, who explained to the brand, “My mum put me in dance classes since I was three years old and I did ballet up until 12 before she allowed me to take more types of dance, like lyrical. I wasn’t allowed to skip class, I just knew I had to go. If you have that kind of discipline as a kid it sort of translates to everything. Dancing really connected me to my body in terms of understanding what my body needs.” Unsurprisingly, the campaign is filled with lots of feminine tulle and pale pink, but it’s all undercut by Hudson’s signature rocker-chic style. A match made in heaven, if you ask us!

Scroll down to see Jimmy Choo's fall 2015 campaign starring Kate Hudson.