Psst: Kate Bosworth Told Us Her Favourite Styles From Her Shoe Line

When Kate Bosworth released her debut line of shoes for Matisse toward the end of April, our curiosity was immediately piqued. As such a tastemaker in the fashion world, did Bosworth herself have a favourite among her creations? When we spotted her hosting an in-store event at Nordstrom at The Grove in Los Angeles, we got the chance to ask her.

"Obviously, I love the Charlotte, the boots with the stars," she told us. "That's really where it all began, and I knew I wanted this very directional pointed toe with the stars falling down the back. It was a tricky shoe to get right, because it's important for me to have quality all around with every single detail. And to find all those stars in the different shapes and sizes was actually quite difficult! And that exact right shade of rose gold, I wanted it to be a soft rose gold rather than a gold gold. It's a fine line between it looking expensive and not."

Any runners-up? "The Charlotte is definitely my baby, but I also love the Kelly sandals. I wear the suede one out a lot, and I feel like it's the perfect summer shoe, honestly. And they're super-comfortable. I'm also a huge fan of the Dawn sandals, too; they go with so many things. They might look like they have a lot of personality, but once you put them on, they actually become a super-neutral shoe."

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

Kate Bosworth in Vanessa Bruno and the Matisse Dawn sandals