Do Your Clothes Bring Positive Vibes? These Ones Do

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to astrology and spirituality. I don't know the character traits of an earth sign or the significance of a full moon, and don't even try to ask me what happens when Mercury is in retrograde.

Yet in our ever-changing, dynamic society, it appears that non-religious spirituality is as prevalent as ever, with people incorporating mindful, conscious practices into their everyday lives. From crystal-infused water bottles to healing crystal gift sets, more and more touchpoints are being created daily in order to connect people to their spiritual sides.

And of course, fashion is no exception. According to fashion search engine Lyst, fashion karma is a trend of the rise, with people now wanting their clothes to give them "positive energy and spiritual comfort." In fact, Lyst states, "In the past few months, there has been a growing interest for pieces which include healing and energetic materials, specifically crystals." The company has also stated that "spiritually guided, conscious brands are attracting an increasing number of customers who believe that fashion is a key aspect of intentional living."

When it comes to crystal-embellished clothing, Australian designer Christopher Esber is certainly leading the way. As a part of his recent collections, Esber has created garments embellished with smoky quartz and various crystal elements. While you might be inclined to assume the additions are purely decorative, the items' product pages do explain that there is intention behind their inclusions. According to the label, the smoky quartz–infused clothes can help to create "a grounding effect with a sense of clarity" and "block out negative energy."

Christopher Esber's smoky quartz–embellished shirt:
Christopher Esber: Smokey Quartz Shirt



For some further insight on the topic, I decided to turn to an expert. I tapped into the knowledge of Giselle La Pompe-Moore, who is a spiritual guide and the author of an upcoming book called Take It In: Do the Inner Work. So can your clothes really bring you #positivevibes? 

"Crystals can serve as a powerful reminder of our own intentions that we set," Giselle explains. "It's easy to forget affirmations when we're busy in our daily lives, but if we wake up and set an intention to feel more grounded during chaotic moments… when we feel the smoky quartz in some clothing, for example, we're prompted to work with that intention again."

However, Giselle was careful to explain that crystals are not a magical solution, and in the end, it all comes down to our own consciousness around the topic. "It's important to remember that, while crystals harness and represent the incredible element of earth, we have to bring our own energy and intention to it, too," she says.

"Putting on a rose quartz jacket and just hoping it will help you find love without actively doing anything won't help," she jokes. "Crystals are prompts for us to go deeper, so working with the crystal will always be the most beneficial way to get the most from crystal-embellished clothing."

If you ask me, it's worth a shot. Keep scrolling to see how influencers are already wearing Christopher Esber's crystal clothing and then shop some crystal-embellished items below. 

Influencers wearing Christopher Esber: 









Shop crystal-embellished clothes and accessories: 

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