How Karlie Kloss Is Leaving a 'Marc' on the World

Rising to the top of the modelling world. Launching a YouTube channel. Spearheading multiple charity initiatives. Is there anything 23-year-old Karlie Kloss can’t do? Her latest admirable endeavour is a partnership with Marc Fisher LTD for the launch of the #MAKEYOURMARC campaign. Kloss has hand selected three shoe styles from the fall collection, and for every purchase of those styles, $20 will be donated to Kode With Karlie. The funds provided by #MAKEYOURMARC will allow Karlie to expand the Kode With Karlie initiative, creating programs and scholarships for young women to learn about coding.

While we don’t all have the resources to launch major charity initiatives like Kloss, you can make a tiny “marc” by shopping the supermodel-approved shoe styles or by posting on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #MAKEYOURMARC, which will donate $1 to Kode With Karlie.

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