Why Karl Lagerfeld Refuses to Go to a New Exhibit of His Work

One of Karl Lagerfeld’s closest friends, Lady Amanda Harlech, has put together an exhibition (March 28–September 13) in Bonn, Germany, focusing on the designer’s work process, but it appears that Lagerfeld will be avoiding it at all costs. “Karl Lagerfeld. Modemethode" (or "fashion method") may be an honour but, unfortunately, the designer finds any self-involved retrospectives appalling. Lagerfeld elaborated for WWD, saying:

“I don’t think it’s a good thing when you dive into your past… I think it’s interesting for people to see what I do, but I don’t have to go there because I know what I did, and sitting on your laurels means they stop growing.”

For Lagerfeld, it seems the future is all that’s worth "dwelling" on. Given his continual transformations of the house of Chanel, I can’t say I’m too surprised.

Learn more about the exhibition at WWD and let us know what you think of Lagerfeld's decision in the comments!