3 Reasons I Think It's Time to Start Taking Kanye West Seriously

Mere mention of the name Kanye West initiates a serious case of the eye-rolls amongst most people. He seems to be wildly unpopular, having built a reputation as an overly aggressive, critical, and downright rude person with wildly unpopular opinions. Ever since he first interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, it’s all been downhill from there.

But I’m here to offer what might be considered another wildly unpopular opinion: Kanye West is not overly aggressive, critical, or rude—he’s just a person with opinions, very passionate opinions, and no real desire to filter them. And why should he? If we were as famous as Kanye West, I can pretty much guarantee we would all want to use our fame as a platform for our beliefs. That’s all he’s doing, and he gets way more flak than he deserves.

Allow me to explain. Keep scrolling to see three reasons why I think it’s time we should all start taking Kanye West a lot more seriously than we do.