How to Wear Gucci's Fall Trends IRL

“Being a badass woman is about doing whatever the hell you want to do,” singer/songwriter Kacy Hill told us on a warm August morning in Venice Beach, California, as she flicked through a rack of pieces from Gucci’s stunning Fall Winter 17 collection. At the time, we were fully prepared to tell you a story of how to wear each of the Gucci pieces IRL, but the more we got to know Hill, the more we became distracted by her astute personal style.

“You should start by finding a few pieces that make you feel really special, and grow from there. Focus on finding things that excite you,” Hill confidently told us. That got us thinking: What exactly does it take to get yourself to obtain that level of assurance with your style?

Says the songstress, “I think it’s important for everyone to take control of their personal style, if it’s something they feel inclined to care about. It’s all about risk-taking and presenting your physical self to the outside world in a way that is wholly you.” And isn’t that what being a badass girl is all about?

Keep reading to see how Hill paired her own wardrobe with Alessandro Michele's Fall Winter 17 collection, and get some advice on finding your personal style straight from this dream girl.

Find Pieces You Love

It’s vital that you find pieces that give you that excited feeling inside and inspire you to create a look that feels incredibly, well, you. For Hill, that meant wearing the brands lace one-piece so that it peeks through the rips and tears of her vintage jeans, and adding a healthy dose of florals by way of blazer and that most-wanted bag.

“I’m all for a good pair of sunglasses, and these destroy the sunglass game,” says Hill. “I love the blue-rhinestone-frame glasses I wore with this look because they’re super easy to pull off with just about anything. I could easily style them with a pair of vintage jeans and hop out the door.”

“I’m in love with the blazer-and-bodysuit look, and wanted to make it something easy to wear for everyday, so I paired it with a pair of ripped vintage jeans so the lace of the bodysuit peeked through,” she tells us. “The blazer looked great with the sleeves pushed up a bit so you were able to catch a bit more of lace on the wrists.”

Start Experimenting

Personal style comes from within, but that means experimenting with styles and silhouettes that you may not instinctively gravitate towards. “I’m pretty casual for the most part,” Hill tells us. “I like being comfortable and generally don’t wear tonnes of dresses.” But when she spotted this floral silk skirt, she went for it (even though it doesn’t exactly fit her usual bill). By pairing it with a crinkle-texture mock-neck top that is in her go-to rotation, she was able to create something that felt very her.

When you experiment with your style and think outside of your daily go-to box, it can be a whole lot of fun unlocking a side of your style you didn’t know existed. It also doesn’t hurt the feel-good vibes when you have a statement-making bag (sprinkled with butterflies) and pearl-embellished shoes in tow.

Find What Looks Good on You

You can go and buy every single trend out there, but when something just feels way off, what’s the point? If there’s one thing you can learn from watching Hill put together an outfit, it’s her unwavering knowledge of knowing what looks good on her, like this knit cardigan–and-skirt combo (made her own when paired with a favourite vintage tee).

“I paired the long, pleated skirt with my favourite vintage ELO tee and the cardigan to make the look a bit more casual,” shares Hill. “I’m a super-small person, so if I have lots of heavy fabrics on me I tend to get weighed down. The tee helped soften everything up a bit.”

“I still dress for myself, but performing and having some sort of following has definitely made me more conscious of what I wear and how I present myself in every situation,” Hill acknowledges.

Check out a rundown of Gucci’s Fall Winter 17 trends here, and begin daydreaming about how they will work their way into your personal style, then discover the full collection at

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