Why Jumpsuits Are the Answer to All Your Wardrobe Woes

The older I get, the less fuss I want to make over my clothes and the less energy I have to do so. This could be problematic if it continues, as I’m only twenty-four, but for now, the results are paying off. Cue my newfound love of jumpsuits! They offer the best of both worlds—fashion and comfort—and are kind to my body (no matter what its current state) in a way that tight jeans and mini skirts just aren’t. I have worn them everywhere from an interview to a funeral, as well as countless aeroplanes. Versatile is an understatement.

And they may not be definitively sexy, but when I wear them that’s how I feel—intriguing by way of a onesie, who would have thought? More importantly, I feel at ease with myself, capable of moving my body any which way without fear of letting things slip.

To me, jumpsuits are the ultimate uniform for the modern woman and an investment piece worthy of topping your shopping list. So I dare you to give them a try—I promise you won’t regret it!

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Karla Spetic Tide Silk-Organza and Silk-Crepe Jumpsuit ($605)

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