I Can Always Rely On This Chic Outfit When I'm Running Really, Really Late

It may be down to the fact that I'm incredibly slow at applying my makeup. Or perhaps it's because I insist on having a cup of tea before I leave the house. Either way, every morning—regardless of the time I set my alarm—I find myself in sheer panic when I realise that I should have been out of the door 10 minutes earlier.

In an attempt to get my act together, I've started compiling my outfits the night before to save precious seconds. After undertaking this exercise for the last few weeks, I've noticed there's one particular outfit that works every time (and takes next to no time to put on).

Being based in Scotland, I have quite the collection of jumpers. Even on the fairest days, I still find myself requiring a knit. However, in an attempt to make them feel more summery, I've been wearing them with skirts, and to my surprise, they look incredibly chic together. The combination has proven to be the perfect wear-anywhere look.

Curating your jumper-and-skirt outfits isn't complicated—it's all about finding the knitted yin to your skirt yang. With the help of a few of my favourite street style stars, I've found six foolproof formulas that always work. Keep scrolling to see and shop our definitive edit of jumpers to wear with skirts.

Jumpers to Go with Skirts: Ellie wears a jumper and skirt in similar hues



One of the oldest sartorial tricks in the book, wearing one hue top to toe (with the exception of accessories) is one of the most polished ways you can get dressed—skirts and jumpers included. 

Jumpers to Go with Skirts: Erika wears an "ugly" knit with a slip skirt



Last season, influencers were obsessed with Zara's "ugly" Fair Isle knitwear, and it looks set to be just as big of a trend for autumn/winter 2019, too. Make like Erika and pair yours with a slinky slip skirt to strike a sophisticated high-low outfit balance. 

Jumpers to Go with Skirts: Emili wears a rainbow knit with a tan corduroy skirt



Fashion's penchant for retro styling shows no signs of waning. The easiest way to channel the '70s trend is with a rainbow knit–and–tan corduroy skirt pairing, finishing with a pair of chunky heeled loafers—a style sure to blow up come September.

Jumpers to Go with Skirts: Vanessa wears a black jumper and leopard print skirt



Good news: That leopard-print skirt you invested in earlier in the year is still very much on-trend, particularly when worn with wardrobe classics. A black jumper and your favourite trainers will give it a cool downtime spin. 

Jumpers to Go with Skirts: Jessie wears a volume-sleeve jumper with a denim mini skirt



Volumised sleeves are set to be all the rage as far as knitwear is concerned for 2019. For an interesting play on proportions, style a billow-sleeve jumper with a fitted denim miniskirt, just like Jessie. 

Jumpers to Go with Skirts: Julia wears a bright green knit with a floral skirt



A colour-block jumper will always serve you well. Make it work harder and clash it with a statement print. Julia's green knit–and–pink skirt combination is too gorgeous not to try. 

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