6 Jumper-Dress–and-Boots Combinations That Look Better Than the Rest

We might not have spent much time commuting or going out or spending time with friends this year, but the one thing I think we can all say we've done a lot of is walking—walking in the park, walking to your favourite coffee shop to get a takeaway, walking anywhere to get out of your house. While there hasn't been much call for wearing fancy outfits in 2020, there's one look that is ripe for wearing this winter that's as chic as it is warm: jumper dresses and boots. It might sound like a super-simple outfit suggestion, and on the face of it, it is. But there are so many options out there that it's far from boring. Over the past few weeks, I've been saving my favourite jumper-dress–and-boots outfits on Instagram to bring you a selection of different versions. There's a cut-out dress paired with chunky track-sole boots, a scoop-neck brown ribbed frock worn with black boots, and a striped dress that I can't stop thinking about. Keep scrolling for the six looks you're going to love. 

1. Cut-Out Dress + Black Boots
jumper dress and boot outfits: cut out dress worn by grece ghanem



Style Notes: If you want a sassier take on the jumper dress, opt for a cut-out version as seen here. Toughen it up with chunky black boots.

2. Flowing Ribbed Dress + Brown Boots
jumper dress and boot outfits: eni's wardrobe in a flowing ribbed dress



Style Notes: Make your outfit look polished by matching your boots with a belt bag. 

3. Off-the-Shoulder Dress + Animal-Print Boots
jumper dress and boot outfits: ellie delphine wearing a jumper dress off-the-shoulder with animal print boots



Style Notes: Elegant dressers will love this option of a jumper dress and boots. 

4. Low-Neck Dress + Chelsea Boots
jumper dress and boot outfits: smythsisters wearing scoop neck brown dress



Style Notes: Another sassy take on the jumper dress, go for a lower neckline but pair with flat boots so you can still go for those walks. 

5. Black Jumper Dress + White Boots
jumper dress and boot outfits: thandi maq wearing a black jumper dress and white boots



Style Notes: Go for contrast with a black jumper dress worn with white boots. 

6. Striped Dress + Black Boots
jumper dress and boot outfits: luxy williams wearing a striped dress with black boots



Style Notes: Perhaps my favourite look of all is this striped dress worn with a leather blazer and black boots. Perfect. 

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