Whatever the Trend, Julia Roberts Did It First and Did It Better

She's played some of the most memorable characters in cinema history—think Pretty Woman's Vivian and the fiery Erin Brockovich—so it's safe to say Julia Roberts has reached icon status. Of course, her acting talent has something to do with it, but it's her off-camera wares that have cemented my fandom.

After her career took off in the late '80s, Roberts became a regular on the premiere circuit. Although they were significantly more casual then than they are today, these appearances provided her with ample opportunities to make her mark. And that's exactly what she did.

From Annie Hall–inspired suiting and her penchant for black to the perfect off-the-clock outfit, every ensemble from Julia's archives is a winner in my eyes, and many of them feel relevant once again, with fashion continuing to flashback to decades that were not so long ago.

She certainly hasn't lost her Midas touch, as she's been treating us to a gorgeous array of looks of late, too. Sporting everything from autumn's It hue to the perfect party attire, she's serving up inspiration left, right and centre. Keep scrolling to discover Julia Roberts's style history from 1989 until now.

Julia Roberts style is certainly impressive, but there's another star we're taking fashion cues from this season