21 Joyful New-In Zara Pieces That Make Getting Dressed Way More Fun

You mightn't realise it, but what we choose to wear each day is indicative of our moods and can send out subliminal messages to those around us. Wearing all black, for example, might seem like an easy outfit solution—it's chic, right?—but it tells a much richer story. It shows that you're a classicist, that you like to look polished and pulled together but in an understated way.

With the brighter days and warmer temperatures affecting our moods in a hugely positive way, it's natural to find ourselves gravitating towards clothing and accessories that fill us with the same euphoric joy. And no brand seems to have understood this desire more acutely than Zara.

Upon scrolling Zara's new-in section this week, we had huge smiles on our faces. There's just so much print. And colour—so much colour! It's a feast for the eyes, completely refreshing, and absolutely what we want to dress up in this season.

Joyful Zara Pieces: Items to lift your wardrobe



From stunning prints in highlighter hues to statement silhouetted flowers set against primary block colours, Zara's latest summer collection is a total departure from its spring palette of sandy, natural tones (although there's plenty of that still too).

For a real impact, wear the prints head to toe, clashing them as you see fit. Or if that feels a little extra for your liking, make one fun piece the hero and pair it with some denim and tan accessories for grounding.

However you choose to interpret Zara's summer aesthetic, it's guaranteed to make getting dressed way more fun. Scroll below to see our favourite joyful Zara pieces.


That tangerine orange hue is an instant mood-booster.

The best-selling marine jeans now come in this fun bubblegum pink shade.

When you don't know what to wear, wear a co-ord.

Ditch your black or beige blazer while the sun is out and opt for this relaxed-fit lilac iteration.

I love a halter dress on holiday, but you could also wear this with a linen blazer in the city.

Zara always delivers on the dress front.

Who wouldn't want to wear this mint green waistcoat? I'd style mine with baggy white jeans and Birkenstocks. 

Ok, yes this is a swimsuit but it is so gorgeous I had to include it!

Bandeau dresses are really having a moment this summer.

Now THIS is how you do summer suiting.

This little bag has teeny tiny fruit beading on it. So sweet!

Wear with sandals and a linen shirt or throw over a swimsuit.

These fun earrings will add a playful touch to any simple outfit. 

I'd style this with wide-leg jeans and heeled mules.

Match the baby blue skies in this chic shirt.

Nothing makes me happier than statement shoes...

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