Brooklyn Beckham's Rumoured Beau Is the Coolest Girl We've Seen in a While

As you know, we're not ones for celebrity gossip, but when there's a potential fashion maven involved in the story… why deny ourselves? Case in point: Brooklyn Beckham's rumoured new girlfriend, singer-songwriter Joy Crookes. How the (seriously good-looking) pair met or what their status stands at is none of our business—you just need to know that this girl's style (and music) is awesome and deserves some attention.

She's a new name to us, we'll admit. With 4k Instagram followers and rising (check her out @joycrooksie), plus the fact that style titles such as Wonderland magazine are hailing her as "the next big thing," we're feeling fairly certain that this 18-year-old south Londoner isn't going to be flying under-the-radar much longer. If you want to hear her skills for yourself, be sure to check our Joy's Soundcloud stream.