The 17 Hero Layering Pieces I'm Living In Now That It's Freezing

As anyone who lives in the UK knows, the art of layering is one that is mastered and honed over a number of years. It is not merely a case of chucking on a jumper and a jacket. Oh, no. This is a far more complex process, especially if you want to avoid looking like Joey from Friends when he wears all of Chandler's clothes.

Joseph layering pieces



Style Notes: When it comes to winter dressing, you really can't go wrong with a chunky roll-neck and wide-leg trousers. 

The secret lies in carefully considered pairings, be it a roll-neck under a shirt or a dress over tailored trousers, and investing in smart fabrics that will feel light but be seriously insulating. When it comes to quality buys with a trend-forward twist, Joseph is firmly at the top of our list. You know what you're getting when you step into one of its stores: a perfectly edited selection of luxe staples that can be easily mixed and matched and layered up—aka the winter-dressing dream.

So what layering heroes are we eyeing up for November? Roll-necks are everywhere right now, which is unsurprising considering their cold-weather versatility. You can layer one under anything from a white shirt to a tunic dress. There's also a seriously chic shirtdress which will look fab both over tailored trousers or with tights, and a clever snood style that can be thrown over any outfit. So much goodness, so little time. Oh, and if you needed any further reason to shop, Joseph are currently offering 30% off coats—yes really. Scroll down to shop our layering edit.

Joseph layering pieces



Style Notes: Marthe creates a chic layering effect by pairing contrasting textures in the same colourway.

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