6 Classic Items That Always Make You Look Expensive

Whatever the year or season, there are certain items that always look expensive. If you want to look polished at all times, we've pinpointed six wardrobe essentials that will elevate any wardrobe, including a perfectly tailored coat and a classic tote bag. Instead of flashy embellishments and logo-splattered pieces (that can skew perceptions of how much you may or may not have spent), we find that minimal, quality pieces look just as—if not more—luxurious.

Joseph expensive looking pieces:


Ana Suntay-Tañedo/ Harper and Harley

These tips are styling and closet-building philosophies that the iconic British brand Joseph has mastered over the years. The brand's creative director, Louise Trotter, knows how to create luxury staples that you'll love for years—made with modern and with updated silhouettes. She's been adapting the brand's timeless DNA to appeal to cool girls the world over since she took the helm in 2009. Meghan Markle perfectly exemplified this when she wore a khaki midi skirt by the brand to her first official royal outing. Seemingly simple, it had a flare on the right-hand side that made you look twice. Keep scrolling to see and shop the six classic items that always make you look expensive.

1. Minimal Tote Bag

An easy way to sharpen up all of your looks is to stop carrying multiple bags and retire your scruffy tote bag. Instead, opt for a minimal leather bag, such as this Joseph tote bag from the brand's new handbag collection, which proves practical bags can still look luxe.

2. Classic White Shirt

A white shirt is an essential item for all wardrobes—whether you wear them to work, brunch or a night out. One formula that always looks classic and expensive is to wear one with your everyday jeans.

3. Cashmere Jumper

When it comes to knitwear, oversize chunky cashmere roll-necks in navy, cream, tan or grey always look luxurious. 

4. Tailored Overcoat

You wear your winter coat almost every day, so this is one item that is worth investing in. Tailoring is the easiest way to make you look polished and put together at all times. 

5. Heeled Boots

Plain and understated leather heeled boots are another item that instantly elevates any outfit, and these black boots are an item you'll have in your wardrobe for years. Tip: Remember to weather-proof them first.

6. Silk Slip Dress

Silk slip dresses and midi skirts in rich shades like burgundy and emerald green are an elegant way to do party dressing and look beautiful in the day layered over chunky cashmere. 

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