Why Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe is the Next Big Thing

Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, Bryan Boy, Jennifer Lopez, Sienna Miller—these are just a handful of the celebrities who currently rely on Loewe’s sophisticated pieces to carry them through their busy days. Pretty diverse—and impressive—wouldn’t you say? But the Spanish clothing and luxury goods brand (prounounced Lew-ay-vay) has humbler origins than the pretty arms of the regularly paparazzi’d.

Founded in 1846, the company began when a circle of craftsmen joined forces to open a leather goods shop in the center of Madrid. However, it wasn’t until 1872, when the German manufacturer Enrique Roessberg Loewe hopped on board, that it was established as a full-blown brand. Growth, from that point on, was slow but steady, including the celebrated launch of the famous Amazona bag in 1945 and the house’s first women’s ready-to-wear line in the 1970s. Since then, everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Giorgio Armani has designed pieces for the brand, and Narciso Rodriguez was installed as designer of womenswear in 1996, remaining in that position until 2001.

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