This High-Street Collection Is Being Worn in So Many Ways on Instagram

Every now and then, a perfectly curated, affordable collection captures the imaginations of all fashion-loving girls, no matter personal style preferences, budgets, shopping habits or wardrobe aims and ambitions.

One such collection has come to the fore this season, and the accompanying evidence is splashed all over social media. John Lewis & Partners' new collection is everything we've been waiting for: classic, flattering, quality staples created in myriad colourways that come together to build out the most coherent capsule wardrobe ever. This isn't about faddy one-season wonders. Instead, this thoughtful and considered assembly of ultra-useful, still-interesting pieces is chock-full of the kind of keepers that will work just as well in four (or 14) winters' time as they do right now. 

Jordine Lam, partner and personal stylist at John Lewis & Partners, confirms a concept we've backed for years now: "It's all about how you wear it," she says. Personal style is a life-long project that doesn't centre around buying the latest supposed "must-have" but instead can be cultivated out of re-wearing your favourite items and constantly finding ways to make a look feel like your own.

Unique personal style is exactly what the lineup of well-dressed ladies represents in the gallery below: They may all be wearing the same high-street collection, but their take on it couldn't be more varied. Keep scrolling to see John Lewis & Partners' womenswear collection in action.