Joe Zee's Style Advice for Same-Sex Couples on Their Wedding Day

Wedding style advice is about a dime a dozen these days, but with more and more states legalizing same-sex marriage (37 to date!), it only seems fair that stylists would start speaking out with advice for same-sex couples. And that's just what Joe Zee is doing.

Zee, the Yahoo! Style editor in chief and chief creative officer, recently hosted an event at Los Angeles's Beverly Center, where he helped style 10 LGBT couples from China. There, he shared his style tips for men and women getting married in same-sex unions.

"Today, getting dressed for your wedding isn’t as traditional as it once was. Brides and grooms are going for a stronger fashion statement so that their special day becomes one to remember,” he says. Keep reading for his style tips for same-sex couples! 

For Women: 

Brides have two essential options with modern dress silhouettes. There are some designers showing modest looks, with long sleeves and high necks; on the other side of the spectrum, you have daring, barely there looks with low, low backs and plunging V-necklines.

White is out. While white and princess are the traditional route, today's brides (especially the young and hip) are opting for other options. Pink has been the go-to colour lately, but we are also seeing brides get married in blush, lavender, peach, red, and even occasionally black.

For Men: 

Grooms are no longer forced into a rental tux. Guys have style, and they want to come through on the big day by selecting a suit or tux that suits them best. Think coloured jackets mixed with a solid pant, or a patterned shirt under a darker jacket mixed with a different pant. It's all about the mix and match. It's not just about the traditional suit or tux anymore. Colour, fabrics, and even surprising elements like graphic prints are popular.

If you are forgoing the tuxedo entirely, that's ok. In fact, you can forget the suit altogether and instead mix and match items. Break up a suit and match a pant from one and a jacket from another for an edgier fashion statement.

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