The One Thing I Stopped Buying When I Turned 30

If you remember, we've discussed the hot topic of what to wear (and not to wear) after age 30 in depth. But I can say from experience that something shifted in me when I turned 30, sartorially speaking—I began to think much more carefully about the longevity of the pieces I chose to spend my money on, and I no longer wanted to settle for those that I knew I'd wear only a few times before tossing aside, no matter how little they cost. This feeling was especially relevant when it came to the jewellery I no longer wanted to wear.

Jewellery was never something I really invested in throughout my 20s. The pieces of fine jewellery I did own were all gifts, and the rest of my collection was filled with costume pieces I'd purchased for myself. But upon turning 30, I no longer wanted to fill my jewellery box with costumery. Fine metals made me feel like an adult who put thought into how she invested her money, just as with the rest of her clothing and accessories. I was ready for my jewellery collection to finally catch up to the rest of my grown-up wardrobe, and costume jewellery alone just didn't fit the bill anymore. That said, I'm not by any means discouraging anyone from wearing costume jewellery post-30. Rather, I'm simply sharing my experience in hopes that it encourages others to revisit how they want to spend their wardrobe budget, whether they're approaching or have already hit that pivotal age benchmark.


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As a result of my shift in preferences post-30, I find myself wearing less jewellery, in general, these days. Fine jewellery doesn't usually come cheap, so my purchases are much fewer and farther between. But I have found an assortment of cool, youthful jewellery brands that design delicate pieces that won't blow your budget.

Keep scrolling to shop options by some of my favourite fine jewellery designers.

These are tiny, but the vibrant blue packs a punch.

Proof that fine jewelry can be very fun.

Stick to thin pieces to keep the cost down. 

Rubies and rose gold make such an eye-catching combination. 

Anklets are back with a vengeance. 

For the girl who loves to mix and match her earrings. 

This delicate necklace is begging to be layered. 

Buy both of these celestial studs for your own personal ear constellation. 

This emoji stud is the perfect amount of playful.

I can't stop staring at these gorgeous raw diamonds. 

Sometimes you just want something simple.

The perfect bracelet for the girl who doesn't usually wear bracelets. 

For when your outfit needs a little something festive.

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