The Cost-Effective Accessory That Upgrades All Outfits

While chokers have become so omnipresent it's weird when outfits don't feature at least one (layering them is now key), and corsages have been staging a decorative comeback thanks to Gucci's popularity, there has been another piece of statement jewellery stepping into the fashion scene: the brooch.

Yes, they're beloved of the Queen and most likely your nan (well, granny is an inspiration this season), but they're also worn on repeat by Alexa Chung and have been adopted by Rihanna, who wore a handful dotted into her red carpet hairdo just this weekend. Lately, we've been hooked on the Instagram account of jewellery collector and designer Emilee Anne, who found 101 ingenious ways to reuse your favourite pins.

So click away to discover the free outfit updates you can do now—so long as you have a brooch or two on hand. But if you don't, simply shop from our favourites in the gallery below.