The 5 Jewellery Trends That Will Complete Any Outfit This Spring

Whether you're a minimalist, maximalist or somewhere in between, a little bit of jewellery can go a long way to transform an outfit. The right accessory puts the cherry on top of any look. They're details that garner you all of the compliments. Whether you add more or just take one piece off under Chanel's advice, a fun new jewellery trend is a great way to feel fresh without undergoing a complete style transformation. 

Jewellery Trends 2020: Monikh Dale



As with any trend report, we encourage you to pick and choose which trend fits with your existing personal style. When looking through the designer and independent brands collections at the moment, we sense that there might be a trend for just about everyone to try. Like with the fashion week street style trends, a lot of these trends are evolutions of those from previous seasons and will likely complement the pieces you already own. Because, of course, we still love our pearls, shells and gold chain necklaces too. 

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"Chandeliering" is a verb I just created. It refers to wearing chandelier earrings that hang from your ear and meet your shoulders. Be it strands of pearls, fun beads or gold pieces, just let them hang. In the style of Edie Sedgwick, the bigger, the better. You could be wearing head-to-toe black and a pair of these earrings will bring it to a whole new level. 


Jewellery Trends 2020: Silver Jewellery



While huge gold chain necklaces took centre stage last year and continue to be a popular choice for the street style set, silver pieces are increasingly gaining more spotlight too. That's not to say to discard your gold pieces—just try incorporating silver beauties. We know it's a bit controversial to say, but we also love to mix and match the metals. 


Jewellery Trends 2020: Glass Jewellery



Glass jewellery is a beautiful trend popping up among independent jewellery brands like Sisi Joia and Alighieri. Each piece looks unique and delicate. We expect to be seeing a lot more of it in the summer months. It pairs so well with a flowy summer dress, a cocktail and sunshine. 


Maybe it's because we all could use a bit more love in the world right now, but when scanning across designer and independent brands, we noticed a lot of heart motifs. From Sandralexandra's sweetheart earrings to Versace's medusa logo on its heart ring, it looks like everyone's in agreement about spreading the love. 

Jewellery Trends 2020: Vintage Inspired Gold



What's great about vintage-inspired trends is that you can go directly to the source: Find it vintage! We've seen lots of influencers on Instagram pairing vintage pieces with unique pieces from smaller designers. These sorts of pieces add some interest to a look and feel really special to wear.  

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