We're Calling It: These 4 Jewellery Trends Will Be on Your Birthday Wish List

When shopping for a new season, one area many often forgot to read up on is jewellery trends. A pair of statement earrings or a standout necklace can really finalise an outfit. Take every look that gets sent down the runway, for example. That said, often these trends don’t quite get the coverage they should.

Here at Who What Wear, we’re all about making new trends seem easy, not overwhelming. And there really isn’t any need to buy an entirely new wardrobe as soon as September hits. Instead, we recommend investing in pieces that resonate with your personal style and will last in your wardrobe.

However, by incorporating some of the below jewellery (and yes, you will be wearing these pieces for the long haul), you’ll feel the instant new-season refresh. From grown-up anklets for the office to ’80s earrings for your party look, see our guide to the four best new jewellery trends.