I'm Not an Accessories Person, But I Wear These 4 Jewellery Pieces on Repeat

There are some people who go a little loopy when it comes to jewellery; they fawn over shiny things like magpies and go weak at the knees for anything gilded. I am not one of these people. While I can always appreciate the beauty of a statement necklace or classical elegance of diamond earrings, for me, they've always been works of art to be appreciated on other people, but not myself.

Perhaps it's something to do with the fact that I like to keep my outfits relatively fuss-free and let other pieces—such as a bold jacket or blouse—do the talking. There are, however, four jewellery pieces that I do turn to on a daily basis.

Whilst other styles have fallen by the wayside—either due to their specificity or awkwardness when it comes to styling—I've found that these four styles go with everything I own and work just as well for smart occasions as they do for the weekend.

As you will see, I'm having a bit of a gold phase right now (probably due to my love of vintage styles). Also, everything featured is either high street or vintage. I understand that some would prefer to spend more on jewellery (although I've found much of my high-street jewellery has stood the test of time), so I've included a range of price options for each style. Scroll down to see my full edit.