The One Outfit Jennifer Lopez Has Been Wearing for a Decade

In 2006 Roland Mouret created the iconic Galaxy dress, which featured a fitted bodycon silhouette and a sexy zip down the back. The flattering, sculpted dress will forever be associated with celebrity culture in the mid-noughties, and while the likes of Victoria Beckham have retired their fitted bodycons, there is one celebrity who has stuck with the look. This week, Jennifer Lopez wore a green Roland Mouret dress with the signature zip and pencil skirt and added a pair of towering platform heels. This is a look that she has stayed loyal to for over a decade — she wore almost exactly the same outfit to the Marc Jacobs show in 2008. Jennifer proves it pays to stay loyal to those shapes and silhouettes that flatter your body type. Because if you look that good, why would you ever change it? Keep scrolling to see how Jennifer wore bodycon silhouettes in the '00s and how she's styling it now.