5 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Has Seriously Good Skin

As a major Hollywood actress and Dior ambassador, it's no surprise that Jennifer Lawrence has been making waves with her red carpet style for a number of years now. After all, when you're stepping out in couture from one the major fashion houses then you can expect to be turning heads. However, it was only while we were busy wedding guest spotting at J.Law's recent nuptials that I realised how little air time we've actually given to Lawrence's beauty style here on Who What Wear. (And by little, I mean none.) But it's definitely about time that we shone a little light on the situation. After all, Lawrence has seriously incredible skin.

Jennifer Lawrence Skincare: Jennifer at Paris Fashion Week wearing Dior



From the unconventional skin product that she uses during the day to the trending ingredient that she swears by, keep scrolling for five reasons Jennifer Lawrence has incredible skin. Plus, shop the best products to re-create her Hollywood glow at home.

#1: She uses retinol every night

Jennifer Lawrence Skincare: Jennifer wearing black dress with up-do



"I think it's important to change up facial products, but I do use retinol under my night cream every night," Lawrence told Harper's Bazaar. "It says not to use it every night, but I always say, 'fuck it.'"

If you're not a regular user of retinols like Lawrence, then start by using just once a week and then gradually build up your usage as your skin gets used to it. Oh, and remember to always wear an SPF the next day as it can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun.

This is my most-recommended retinol for people who aren't sure where to start when it comes to the ingredient. Before I got pregnant (you should avoid retinol completely when you're expecting), it did amazing things for reducing acne scarring and pigmentation caused by old spots.

A fast-acting retinoid, time-released retinol and a retinol booster combine for this potent serum that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in weeks, according to studies by the brand.

A great starter retinol, this skin booster can be mixed with your usual serums and moisturisers to improve everything from large pore size to uneven skin tone.

#2: She wears SPF religiously

Jennifer Lawrence Skincare: Jennifer wearing pink slip dress with wavy hair



"During the day, I use sunblock," Lawrence confirmed. "It doesn't matter what, but I always make sure it has zinc in it."

More commonly known in the UK as mineral sunscreens, SPFs that contain either zinc oxide (J.Law's preference) or titanium dioxide work as a natural sun protector by sinking into the surface of the skin and deflecting harmful rays.

This nasties-free SPF contains 22% zinc oxide to create a physical shield on your skin that blocks both UV and blue light rays.

A lightweight sunscreen that uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to neutralise free radicals in the environment and keep your skin protected.

If you're prone to sensitivity, then this mineral SPF is a great option. It was created by Sarah Brown when her skin became irritated and acne-prone out of the blue.

#3: She swears by regular exfoliation

Jennifer Lawrence Skincare: Jennifer wearing sequin dress with curly hair



"I exfoliate every night, and it really doesn't matter what I use," revealed Lawrence. "You can kind of use anything grainy, so I change it up."

For the full Jennifer skincare experience, opt for a physical exfoliator as part of your evening routine—that's one that scrubs away dead skin cells manually using beads or grains.

This scrub repurposes coffee grounds that would have otherwise gone to waste to buff away dry, dead skin cells and restore glow.

Walnut shell powder and roasted coffee grounds gently exfoliate the skin while white clay detoxifies your pores. It's perfect if you're prone to blemishes.

Possibly the most luxurious face scrub ever, this rose-scented formulation from Dior is infused with sugar microcrystals to remove impurities and boost radiance.

#4: She wears a night cream during the day

Jennifer Lawrence Skincare: Jennifer with slicked-back hair and red lipstick



"Well, I have really dry skin, so I wear night cream even during the day," Lawrence told InStyle.

If the thought of wearing a heavy night cream under your makeup fills you with fear (I feel you), then worry not, as there are plenty of lightweight yet deeply hydrating night creams on the market right now.

Elemis are brilliant for their range of night creams anyway, but this skin-energising formula is particularly suited to day wear thanks to the way it moisturises yet also brightens skin.

A classic, richly textured night cream that uses Hungarian thermal waters to hydrate even the most parched of complexions.

An innovative gel-cream texture that melts immediately onto the skin without leaving any residue behind. A great daytime option.

#5: She gets microdermabrasion treaments

Jennifer Lawrence Skincare: Jennifer with curly updo and hair clips



"In theory, I get microdermabrasion once a month," Lawrence said. "Although that's one of those things I always find myself postponing."

Professional microdermabrasion uses crystals or other exfoliators to buff away the top layer of your epidermis and encourage your skin to generate new cells. But there are plenty of skin tools that you can use at home for similar, although less intense, results.

An exfoliating-meets-shaving tool that removes dull skin cells and surface debris to reveal brighter, fresher skin beneath.

This skin stamp is covered in tiny needles that you gently press into the skin to stimulate collagen production. It sounds terrifying, but it's pretty painless—honest!

These daily acid exfoliators are probably the closest you'll get to a professional dermatologist treatment at home.

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