This A-Lister Wore High Street to the Met Ball

The Met Gala red carpet spotlights some of fashion's most expensive, extravagant designers, but sprinkled into the stylish mix tonight was none other than trusty H&M—worn to perfection by Jennifer Hudson. 

Hudson worked closely with the brand to dream up her one-of-a-kind silk dress, which comes complete with a four-foot train, 3-D bugle beads, French knots, and hand-melted sequins. Talk about a showstopper! To get the scoop on the gown, WWW US chatted with Hudson herself, as well as H&M's design and creative director, Pernilla Wohlfahrt.

Scroll down to see Hudson's full H&M look and read our interview with Hudson and Wohlfahrt! 


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WHO WHAT WEAR: How involved were you in the design process?

JENNIFER HUDSON: The creation of this dress has been such a collaborative process for me with my stylist, Micaela Erlanger, and the wonderful design team at H&M. They not only captured my aesthetic but they really worked with me so that my point of view would be displayed in the final design. We worked together to develop the look from their initial sketches, and I think the resulting dress is a beautiful statement.

WWW: What do you love most about your dress this year?

JH: I think what I love most about my look this year is the detail. This dress is such a piece of art, and the team behind it has spent so much time and effort to make sure every aspect is perfect. That attention to detail really shows. Everything from the fit to the intricate beading to the unbelievable train lends to the overall look of modern elegance and glamour with just the right edge. 


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WWW: How did you incorporate the theme and choose what type of technology to use for Jennifer’s dress?

PERNILLA WOHLFAHRT: It’s been such an interesting theme to think about when we’ve been creating Jennifer’s look, using processes that are both hand- and machine-made. It makes lots of very interesting points about what we can do with machines and technology.

There’s so much intricate detailing that has gone into Jennifer’s dress. The white bodice is six-ply silk that has been hand-embroidered with French knots, rows of bugle beads, as well as handmade sequin flowers. This embroidery gradually fades down the body into tier-dropped rows of crystal pleating and hand-gathered tulle. I think what shows in this look is our love of the fun of fashion at H&M. It’s a passion that you can find in everything we create, whether it's a red carpet look or a fresh new piece that’s available to all our customers around the world. 

WWW: How long did it take to make the dress?

PW: We have worked closely with Jennifer to design this unique look, and it has been such a pleasure for me and my design team to create this dress for her. It was a very special design process, and it has taken months to design and create, reflecting on the personality and characteristics of Jennifer to create something totally unique.

What do you think of Hudson's look? Tell us in the comments below, and shop H&M for yourself!

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