Jenna Lyons On What the Fashion World Is Missing

Jenna Lyons recently explained her inspiration behind J.Crew’s latest collection in an interview the The Guardian. The creative director chatted about how she was rather bored with recent designs, which urged her to go big with the brand’s fall collection.

"I think we were missing the sparkle a little," said Lyons. "We'd gotten a little bit quiet. It's not just us—fashion generally has gone a bit quiet, I think. So this season I was like: ‘Damn, give me sequins!"

We’re thankful she followed her gut all the way to the glitz because it resulted in a killer collection, full of pieces we can’t wait to get our hands on! Lyons ended the interview with a smile and said, “Sequins are the new black.” Head over to The Guardian for the entire interview and scroll down for exclusive behind-the-scenes images courtesy of J.Crew!