The Easy Outfit Formula Our Editors Plan on Wearing All Autumn

As far as outfit formulas go, there's nothing quite as easy to throw on in autumn as jeans, boots, a jumper and a coat. It's an outfit that can take you seamlessly from Sunday brunch to an afternoon at the pub, and in late autumn it's probably exactly what you're putting on each morning before you leave the house. 

We're big advocates of this simple structure and tend to live in it through autumn and well into winter, mixing in a rotation of our favourite knits against various pairs of comfy jeans. Of course, each look is topped with a warm coat and a scarf or beanie depending on how arctic the temperatures are.

Last but not least are the boots. This item finishes the look and can be used to either dress your outfit up or down. High-heeled boots will instantly elevate your look, making it office-appropriate or great for a night out while comfy flat boots are optimal for commuting or weekends spent wandering around parks.

The beauty of this outfit is that it's basically foolproof. We won't try to pretend that it's a rocket science outfit formula, but it definitely does make room for personal style. So mix and match prints if you please or double up on interesting textures because when it comes to the jeans-boots-jumper-coat outfit combination, you can't really go wrong. Scroll through below for our favourite ways to wear the look.


Jeans boots and coats outfit ideas: Emma Spedding



"I know I'm not alone here, but in autumn, almost every day I'll wear jeans with boots and a coat. Just because it's a standard uniform doesn't mean this outfit formula has to be boring. When I want to look a little smarter or more considered, I'll wear my leather trousers instead of classic jeans. I tend to favour classic tailored coats like this one but will often play with prints and unlikely colours, such as this sugary pink shade. Oh and this winter, I plan on living in these city-appropriate hiking boots."



Jeans boots and coats outfit ideas: Emily Dawes



"These are all pieces have had in my wardrobe for a few years, and they’re so reliable. I pull this look out every cold season and just know it will always work. I love the pairing of a long coat like this with chunky lace-up boots sticking out the bottom. If I could wear this look every day, I would!"



Jeans boots and coats outfit ideas: Joy Montgomery



"I am a big fan of low-effort, high-impact dressing. I need my clothes to be easy to throw together but still feel distinctive and most importantly 'me.' I find that this can be tricker on chilly weekends, as the focus is more on warmth and practicality, but that's where the perfect coat-jeans-boots pairing comes in. It's all about clever layering and winning silhouettes: My vintage shearling coat is a favourite of mine, as it packs a punch with its oversize fit, and I like to balance it out with wide-leg jeans and statement boots, such as this Kurt Geiger Western-inspired pair. I can also recommend a sweater vest for keeping toasty. This H&M cream knit looks so cool over a white shirt."



Jeans boots and coats outfit ideas: Zoe Anastasiou



"Given how grey it often is outside during the colder months, I try my best to make sure my outfits contain at least one pop of colour. I think that's the reason I've worn this red jumper on repeat since I purchased it last year. This season, I'm adding in a fluffy white coat to make a simple outfit that will brighten up even the dreariest days."


Need more outfit inspiration? Here are our favourite dress-and-boot combinations.

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