5 Jeans-and-Jumper Outfits You Can Wear Now and in Autumn

Why am I writing about jumpers and jeans when by the end of this week, there's going to be a heatwave? Good question. For me, I love to plan ahead. I come from a family that likes to whip out the Excel spreadsheet by the end of summer for Christmas dinner (expecting this year's imminently), so it's been ingrained in me for years. This indoctrinated behaviour stretches to my wardrobe, as I like to know what I can bank on wearing come the new season. Right now, that means finding the outfits that will work just as summer's ending and autumn is beginning, aka jeans-and-jumper outfits. 

Below, I've collected a few of my favourite looks that will work with any kind of footwear you choose—whether it's still warm and you want sandals or it's already boot weather and you want to cover up. But back to the actual outfits. There's a short-sleeve cardigan–and–blue jeans look that's ideal for those colder summer days. Then there's a stripey jumper–and–black jeans outfit, which, for someone who still loves Nirvana, is the perfect tribute to Kurt Cobain's grunge aesthetic. For late September, however, there's a more minimalistic look in the form of a roll-neck and skinny jeans. Keep scrolling to find the above and more.

1. Short-Sleeve Cardigan + True-Blue Jeans
jeans and jumper outfits: @slipintostyle



Style Notes: An ideal summery look. The short sleeves are cute and will look best with true-blue jeans. 

2. Stripey Jumper + Black Jeans
jeans and jumper outfits: @lucywilliams02



Style Notes: Classic grunge styling with a stripey jumper and jeans—add Converse or Vans to complete the look. 

3. Co-Ord Knit + Dark-Blue Jeans
jeans and jumper outfits: @eniswardrobe



Style Notes: Want the jumper-and-jeans outfit to be more polished? Opt for a knitted co-ord paired with smart dark-blue jeans. 

4. Cut-Out Jumper + Rolled-Up Jeans
jeans and jumper outfits: @monikh



Style Notes: For the cool-girl take on the ultimate duo, take a leaf from Monikh Dale's styling, and pair a cut-out jumper with rolled-up jeans. 

5. Roll-Neck + Slim-Fit Jeans
jeans and jumper outfits: @brittanybathgate



Style Notes: Calling all minimalists: This is the outfit for you. Add a classic roll-neck to slim-fit jeans and voilà—you have one of the chicest outfits ever. 

Next up, the biggest summer 2020 fashion trends to know. 

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