7 Jeans-and-Jumper Outfits That I Swear By for Low-Maintenance Style

If you were to peek inside my wardrobe, you'd quickly see that it's dominated by two items. And while I'd like those items to be It dresses and Manolo Blahniks, the reality is more humble. I'm talking about jeans and jumpers. At last count, I had 12 pairs of jeans and 16 pullovers at my outfit disposal. Now that the weather has reached that tricky in-between stage, I've been (and will undoubtedly continue to be) wearing them on repeat.

Often disregarded as throw-on garments (I'll admit I didn't give my jeans-and-jumper outfits much thought either), the combination can prove to be the perfect wear-anywhere look. Curating your jeans-and-jumper outfits isn't complicated—it's all about finding the knitted yin to your denim yang. With the help of a few sartorially blessed street style stars, I've found seven foolproof formulas that always work. Keep scrolling and you'll see how effective jeans-and-jumper outfits really can be.