How I'm Wearing Jeans and Heels for the Foreseeable Future

As we usher in a new season, our minds always turn to the impending wardrobe switch-over. While the days of exceedingly hot weather have served our linen dresses and flat sandals well, there’s only so much worrying about bursting into actual flames we can take. So yes, we’re greeting autumn as an old friend, namely because it means we can reinstate two of our favourite outfit staples: jeans and heels.

Given the fact that our feet are no longer swollen and our days spent fretting over copious amounts of knee sweat (who knew that was even a thing?) are behind us, jeans and heels are firmly back on our sartorial agenda. The duo is hardly a new trend, but together, they act as building blocks for every good ensemble you’ll wear over the next few months.

But which heels work best with jeans? While the possibilities are endless, we’ve rounded up the combinations that never fail. Whatever your fashion penchants, scroll below to find the jeans-and-heels outfit that’s perfect for you.

Opening Image: Hannah Lassen/Getty Images