Jeanne Damas—the Ultimate French Girl—Thinks Brits Are More Stylish

Jeanne Damas is just so French. Understandable, considering she is a Parisian by birth, I know, but as we’re sat in Who What Wear’s new Russell Square townhouse for an exclusive shoot with the model turned street style star turned designer, there’s a palpable difference in l’attitude. I’m up and down from my laptop like a yo-yo, firing off emails, multitasking like a whirling dervish, regretting what I wore today for our shoot (seriously, this weather). Meanwhile, Damas—who arrived on time, without a scrap of makeup on, looking completely I-can’t-even-make-eye-contact levels of glorious in a recognisably “Jeanne” ensemble of checked blazer, jeans, navy top, gold Michael Vivien sandals and a little straw bag with a book poking out—is sipping a black coffee, reclining on a desk chair to the point where it’s most comfortable to just have her long legs up on the table as she casually takes her morning phone calls and messages.

In advance of the photo shoot, there were no demands or caveats to our time with her. No hairstyling today either, thanks—Jeanne just spritzes water on her ends, scrunches and goes. And absolutely zero fuss about what she will or won’t wear for the pictures. Damas is the laid-back style icon of any editor’s dreams, needing only 20 minutes of makeup (to put this into context, regular human beings require at least 45) before throwing on her first look and heading straight out onto the street to be photographed. She laughs. She chats with the entire team. She looks cooler than cool. We get the shots wrapped up an hour ahead of schedule.

Next up: the autumn/winter fashion trends to know now.

Credits: Photographer: Phill Taylor; Stylist: Lily Russo; Creative Director: Hannah Almassi; Makeup Artist: Bianca Konig using BareMinerals