One Super-Cool Scandi Girl and the 4 Colour Combinations You'll Copy This Year

Scandinavian style is often perceived to be all about monochrome minimalism, but Danish fashion editor Jeanette Madsen shows the Scandi aesthetic is about so much more than basics. "In the last few years, with Instagram being the place to be seen, Scandinavian girls had an urge to stand out from the majority, to show their personal style, not to blend in and to be true to their aesthetic," Jeanette told me for a recent piece about Scandinavian style.

And how does she achieve this with her own Instagram-famous wardrobe? "An easy way to do that is to wear colour. What makes people happy? Colour sure does!" Jeanette often plays with unexpected colour combinations, using pinks, reds and blues to make joyful, mood-boosting looks. You won't catch her in grey, navy or all black, as she tends to wear the most vibrant colours she can find—and all at once. Keep scrolling to see four happy colour combinations Jeanette is backing right now.