6 Nail Colours You're Going to See Everywhere This January

With the New Year and winter now in full swing, you might be feeling like you want to refresh your look. I know I am. But before you go and purchase a new outfit or book an appointment at the hairdresser, why not consider a little boost via a new nail colour? Let me explain. 

For me, the feeling of sifting through a wide array of nail polish colours, be it at my local nail salon or at a high street drugstore, although fun, can often feel overwhelming. There are endless questions that run through my head in the run-up to a new nail choice from ‘is this nail length laptop friendly?’ to ‘should stick with a trusty hue or go bold?’ And I know I’m not alone. Nevertheless, once the decision-making is done, I realise that really, a new nail colour offers an instantaneous way to lean into self-expression. And January is the perfect time to try something new and get creative, don’t you think?

Crafting out an almond tip or prepping your nails with nourishing treatments in anticipation for a new nail colour aside, the switch to a new nail coloureven in the busiest of schedulesis also a great way to prioritise your self-care. Although my days of diligently following videos online depicting styles like newspaper nails are long behind me, for me, setting the time out for the actual process of painting my nails (or making an appointment at the salon) has always been a time to reset and refocus. 

So if, like me, you're looking for some inspiration to stave off nail colour decision fatigue, you’re in luck. I’ve done the research and rounded up the 6 nail colours you’re about to see everywhere this January.

1. Cool Chrome

Last year, metallics dominated the party season's sartorial styles. But if like me you're not quite ready to kiss all the festive fun goodbye then chrome nails for January are a no-brainer. With an array of colours to choose from coupled with a distinctive iridescent gleam, a chrome nail colour is just the thing to keep the jingle bells ringing. 

A green also works well for chrome nails.

2.Bold Nudes 

With the nail art boom that we've experienced over the past few years, nude nail polish colours have taken a backseat. However, thanks to a bolder nude offering they are fast on the return. From buttery creams to nods to natural, nude nail polish as the focal point rather than as a base to build on design can instantly add a chic twist to anyone's nail cycle. For an added pop try a multi-nude mani.

Can't decide on a shade? Got for multiple!

Shop the trend:

A beautiful nail varnish if ever I saw one.

No7 have a great range of hues for a really affordable. price.

3. Shimmery Reds

Tik Tok's 'red nail theory' and its supposed benefits aside (it is meant to attract people to you), I believe you can never go wrong with a chic red nail. If the regular reds and glossy colours are beginning to become a bore, opting for a shimmery paint job might just be the thing to get you out of the rut. For a one of a kind end result, try mixing two glittery red nail polishes together. A fun DIY project whilst maximising the sparkly payoff? Count me in.

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Essie polishes never fail to impress me when it comes to an at-home manicure.

4.Icy Blues

A return to Y2k style brought back the french manicure with a colourful twist last year, but this year with the resurgence of the trend now in full swing get ready to see a lot more of the 2000's iconic icy blue tone. Paint the town a nostalgic blue with swirly metallic hues and try wearing this colour on squared-off short nails for a true Lizzie Maguire moment.

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Living out my teen dreams with this cool shade.

I love the shine that these Rimmel polishes offer.

5. Pre Spring Pinks 

Warmer winter weather might mean our hats and scarves have become outfit side characters but one of the biggest upsides in the above average temps is the early arrival of spring nail colours. If one shade of pink feels far too tame, try opting for a gradient of hues.

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Gucci's foray into beauty hasn't been disappointing. These polishes are just as good as they look.

6. Uber Glitters 

If a shimmering outfit from head to toe is not quite your vibe, then perhaps a glittery mani might be. From metallic tones to glittery powders, getting your shine on this January is easier than ever and a a simple way to elevate any cold-weather, cosy look. For extra shine without the faff, try opting for a clear polish and powder combo in order to achieve the glittery nails of your dreams.

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Don't be dissuaded by the festive-sounding name, this nail varnish works all year round.

This kit has everything you need and more.

It's only right to tend to your nails and hand health when shopping for your newest nail colour obsession. Scroll on for the products that put the care in nail care.

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2. Navy Professional Basic Nips

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3. CND Exfoliation Duo 

For full salon feels, CND's duo exfoliation duo (a nourishing scrub and cuticle oil) has got you covered. Hand massage anyone?

4. Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File 

It's only right that the holy grail of nail files comes with its very own case. As someone prone to dropping things, I for one am glad that this crystal nail file has its very own throne.