Your January Horoscope Is Here, and It’s Highly Interesting

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Happy 2016, everyone! I have been doing some astrological research on what the coming year has in store for us—first and foremost, the theme is to take control of your own life. You are so powerful and in control of anything you would like to create change within! I know New Year’s resolutions are popular, and the typical human habit is to start something, lose steam, and go back to the status quo. We have some great energy in our corner to start the year off in a powerful way and keep the momentum going. A few cosmic tips: Be aware of what it is you’d like to change (make a list of three things), then decide what it is you can do to create those changes: Does it mean waking up earlier a couple of days a week, writing three pages of your book every week, creating a weekly budget that still allows for shoe shopping and weekly dinners? The secret from the universe: Make your changes fun, don’t be a stark disciplinarian, but also, don’t go to lax with yourself. As my mum (who is a Capricorn, and we begin our year in Capricorn!) says, gentle discipline! Be your own best friend this year, love yourself enough to create any changes you’d like to implement, go one step at a time, and have FUN!

Read on to see what the stars have to say about your unique sign to start off another year around the sun!

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Happy 2016, Aries! This is going to be an incredibly powerful year for you. We start the year off getting deep—I know you keep a fast pace, and it’s not your instant go-to, but in order to start off a year proactively, there may be a few things to let go of and get out of your way. Have you heard the adage “the only way out is through”? This is January for you—get deep; listen to any blocks that come up and seem to “slow” you down. They have a message for you that will deeply empower you for the coming year! Enjoy, Aries, and don’t forget to meditate!

Happy 2016, Taurus! January begins off on an adventurous foot for you: Your focus is outward on the world. Consider planning some foreign travel? Or itching to study language, piano, or learn something completely new? Your focus may not circumvent the practical for this month, so dream big, expand your horizons, and get out of your comfort zone. I received word that your ruling planet Venus (planet of love, creativity, and beauty) does not go into retrograde once this year! Meaning that you are full steam ahead with love, relationships, and creative inspiration! Happy 2016, Taurus!

Happy 2016, Gemini! This is one of your most visible times of the year as you focus on your prestige when it comes to work, career, and your reputation in the world. You begin the year with goals with the aims of tangible results. How would you like to see your career grow this year? What are some goals that you have and can begin implementing immediately? Fortune favors the bold: Start the year off with an active mind-set and willingness to put your money where your mouth is. The inertia of the universe supports you! Have an amazing year, Gemini!

Happy 2016, Cancer! I really like where 2016 begins for you; it’s very in keeping with the popular notion of goal setting and dreaming up what the coming year can bring. Make use of the inertia behind you now: What are your goals and visions for 2016? What are some experiences you’d like to have? What is your vision for your life? I know these are big questions, but this is a powerful year! Vision boarding, talking through your goals and ideas with trusted friends, and daydreaming are highlighted for you as you begin 2016. Dream big and have an amazing 2016!

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Happy 2016, Leo! You begin the year in a very powerful yet internal mode. Take the first year of 2016 in a gradual sense—meditate, slow down, take yoga, take excellent care of yourself. The themes for you this month revolve around retreat and regeneration; you are often nonstop, dear Leo, and in order for you to keep it going into 2016, it is cosmically advised to slow down and look within from time to time. Recharge your batteries this month and get ready for an incredible year! Think of January as an allotted time to ease into the year and not go so full blast. Enjoy the rejuvenation this month brings and get ready for an incredible year!

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Happy 2016, Virgo! This year is going to be a very expansive and powerful one for you! The planet Jupiter (planet of luck, good fortune, and expansion) is hanging out in your sign for most of the year, bringing an extra dose of good vibes to your sign. Especially highlighted for you in January is being 100% true to yourself, who you are, and what is it you want to do in your life. You are cosmically supported to take extra focus on yourself and not just everyone else this month. January and 2016 may feel like a renewal for you if things have felt a bit stagnant or overly strenuous in years past. Enjoy the year, Virgo!

Happy 2016, Libra! You begin the year with a focus on money, finances, and your overall security and well-being. Want to create a nest egg for 2016? Start saving more? Or are you looking to make a big purchase (house, new car, etc.)? January can be a month to build security and stability and actually focus on it as a goal. The energy available to you this month champions you to pay attention to money as a resource to be respected, especially as it pertains to building life dreams and goals. You start the year off on a secure foot—enjoy and keep it going!

Happy 2016, Scorpio! You begin 2016 with an emphasis on how you communicate, expressing yourself, and small, close-to-home adventures. You begin the year in a light-hearted energy, which is nice for you as I know you can experience feelings with a lot of intensity! Utilize this time to explore, make new friends, and start 2016 off on a fun, adventurous, and ultimately harmonizing foot. Take time to get out of town, paint, call friends to chat and connect, or even take yourself on a small shopping spree (emphasis on small: Next month is about security and finances for you). Start the year off in joy and have a great year, Scorpio!

Happy 2016, Sagittarius! You and the rest of the fire signs (Aries and Leo) start the year off with a bit of nurturing and a slower pace than perhaps you are used to. I like to think of January as a nesting and resting space as you get ready for a really powerful and dynamic year. Taking care of your home, making sure to get a lot of sleep, and prioritizing your health are all highlighted for you this month, Sagittarius. The planet Venus (planet of love, creativity, beauty) begins a transit through your sign, meaning you may have an extra stroke of brilliance when it comes to matters of your home, or perhaps even the start of a love affair! Have a great 2016, Sagittarius!

Happy 2016, Capricorn! I am really happy to report that you begin the year with some fun, romance, and light-heartedness. I know you are typically a nose-to-the-grind stone kind of vibe, but January is part of your birthday month, so perhaps keep the holiday fun going and let loose a bit! Next month will be a time of rest and rejuvenation, so why not start 2016 out with a bang? Do bear in mind that although this month spells out fun, that Mercury will be retrograding in your sign starting on January 5! Don’t trip out yet! Just be prepared if your plans don’t go 100% according to schedule! Enjoy, Capricorn!

Happy 2016, Aquarius! You begin the year off on a healthy foot, restructuring your health routines and work regimen, getting you ready to hit the ground running for 2016. Need any upgrades when it comes to health or exercise? Were you a workaholic in 2015? The theme of the month for you is moderation, and perhaps a little cleaning up after a lot of fun over the holidays. Early-morning yoga, Pilates, an extra green juice a day, or making sure you are balancing work and play will send you into 2016 with a renewed vitality. Enjoy the year, Aquarius!

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Happy 2016, Pisces! You begin the year with a focus on relationships and how you work with others, which could be a big theme for you this year. There can be a lot of self-illumination, which comes when you work one-to-one with another person and in making sure the relationship is healthy and balanced. If you are in a relationship at the dawn of the year, take inventory: How is your communication? Do you inspire, enrich, and enliven one another? Where is their room for growth within you? If you are single, focus on your strengths within working relationships and witness yourself in the dating circuit. Where can you grow and really show up for yourself and others this year?

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