So That's Where Everyone's Buying Those Jane Birkin–Style Basket Bags

As any in-the-know fashion girl will tell you, Jane Birkin and the basket bag were, during a certain period of time, completely inseparable. They were tighter than a 1970s T-shirt, which means you can't talk about the basket bag trend without name-checking the actress over and over again. So when a micro-trend for these straw or wicker woven pieces made itself known on the streets earlier this year, we have been searching high and low, around each corner of the universe to find the most authentic-looking versions possible. If we're going to do Miss Birkin proud, it's only fair to put in the time and effort to get the real thing (or at least a really convincing replica).


A Di Crollalanza/REX/Shutterstock 


Jane Birkin with her favourite bag in 1974.

As we started seeing the right type—structured, roomy, with a curved handle and detachable top—we tracked down the source on Instagram. Meet Little Doe, an American company founded by Chase Cohlin in 2008, specialising in unique, craft-driven accessories—like the piece in this story, the Praia Basket Bag (£267).


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Camille Rowe carrying Little Doe's basket bag in Paris.

Toted by It girls—French or not—and on what appears to be a very limited basis, it's no surprise that Little Doe have repeatedly sold out and consequently restocked on this particular style.

The Praia basket bags, which are handmade in Portugal, now come in different sizes, including a more evening-friendly mini ,which leaves you with a rather major decision to make… However, should you rather shop from a UK company directly, we've also tracked down another brand called Blooming Dreamer, who offer a similarly traditional Portuguese-made style, The Birkin Basket (£120). 

Shop the two key basket bags below…

Little Doe

Perfect for picnics and heading off to St. Tropez like a vintage starlet.

Blooming Dreamer

The lid is very handily attached to the handle on this style.

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