Gorgeous: This Is How Jamie Chung Hosts a Bridal Shower

So pretty: Jamie Chung hosted her bridal shower this weekend, and (naturally) it's ultra-stylish. [E! Online]

Mum jeans reimagined: Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and more have totally redefined how the world looks at so-called "mum jeans." [Vogue]

She's not going anywhere: Cara Delevingne might be giving acting a shot, but she says she's definitely not retiring from modelling. [Racked]

So stylish: The Haute Pursuit blogger Vanessa Hong just released a new line of jewellery. [THP Shop]

Product bonanza: Beauty aficionados, listen up! These new products will give you something new to obsess over this month. [Byrdie]

Top-notch: The British version of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty is officially the U.K.'s most profitable exhibit ever. [Dazed]

How it's done: This video shows us all how to travel nonstop for three years. [MyDomaine]

Yassss: The first trailer for Zoolander 2 has arrived! [Harper's Bazaar]

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