This Is the Exact Fake Tan That Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Swears By

Come winter, my commitment to any sort of routine really begins to waver. During the summer months, I’m all about making sure my limbs and face have a (faux) sun-kissed glow, but as soon as temperatures start to drop, I’m out. When 90% of my time is spent indoors anyway, dedicating precious time to fake tan application seems wasteful. 

However, that isn’t to say that I don’t want to look tanned. I’d do anything to inject some warmth into my pale skin, just as long as it doesn't involve too much fuss or take longer than a few minutes. And trust me, I’ve tried a bunch, from drops to sprays and foams to creams, but I have never managed to get my hands on a formula simple and natural-looking enough to make me keep up a winter routine.  

James Read Fake Tan: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



However, when I found out that the queen of glow, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, swears by a simple facial tanning product developed by her go-to tanner James Read, I thought it might be worth doing some digging. Speaking to Teen Vogue, Rosie revealed, “James Read Sleep Mask Tan is the best facial tanning product I’ve ever used. I can’t stop using it.” So, I figured if Rosie can keep her glow all year round, what’s stopping me?

This particular tan has seriously piqued my interest. Simply apply before bed, let it develop while you’re snoozing and wake up to natural-looking bronzed skin. And I must admit, the results are quite special. It’s minimal fuss and leaves my skin looking healthy and radiant and, most importantly, I can really see myself using it all year round.

In fact, I’d deem my experience such a success that I feel inclined to try some of the other products in the brand’s offering. Keep scrolling for the other James Read products on my radar.

Just like the face sleep mask, but for your body. If the results of the face version are anything to go by, this should be a real crowd-pleaser.

There is little I love more than a dry body oil, so one that promises to tan while it works sounds dreamy. It also promises to develop within just three to five hours.

The concept of being able to tailor the intensity of your tan is really appealing, and these simple-to-use face drops also use hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

Anything with “melting” and “balm” in the name is enough to make me add it to my basket. Plus, it’s formulated with super-nourishing coconut oil.  

It’s the same formula as the sleep mask that Rosie swears by, only this time it’s formulated with skin-resurfacing wonder ingredient retinol.