Jaime King "Always Knew" Taylor Swift Would Be Her Child's Godmother

A few short weeks ago, we learned that Jaime King annointed Taylor Swift the godmother of her unborn child. And now, she's opened up to Elle magazine about exactly why she chose her pop-star best friend to occupy the important role in her child's life.

"I always knew she was going to be the godmother if I had another baby," King reveals. "It’s because she’s incredibly thoughtful. Choosing a godmother is a very sacred and important thing in our family. They’re going to be guiding your child, and they’re responsible for [the child] if something was to ever happen. We try to choose people who we know would raise our child the way we would raise our child, and her thoughtfulness, her kindness, her authenticity—the way that she’s generous with her family, with her friends, with her fans—is so powerful to me. She's so uninhibited in her giving—the presents she gives to her fans, she wraps every single one, she paints the stuff. It's all her. It's just beyond."

King also revealed that Swift cried when she first asked her to be the godmother, a request King made when the pals were "just hanging out on the couch." Because, you know, that's what best friends doeven when your BFF is Taylor Swift.

Head to Elle to read the rest of King's revealing interview

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