French Women Have Worn Their Shirts Like This for Years

What’s been said about French style that hasn’t been said before? Well, not much, really. Our Gallic neighbours, especially in the capital city, are exceptional dressers. They just know style. It’s as if they are born with it. Their innate understanding of what looks chic is unmatched, and while I know it can seem a little tiresome that we bang on about French fashion, we have a good reason: it never goes out of style. 

Today’s history lesson on la mode a la Francaise is the loose-fitting shirt. Thanks to French fashion designerJacquemus’s Bahia tie-front shirts, I’ve been re-thinking the huge-collar trend and thinking about opting for this classic look as worn by French women for years. 

Jacquemus shirt: Jeanne Damas wearing a white shirt



Jeanne Damas wearing a white shirt during Paris fashion week

From women such as Jeanne Damas, as well as Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, including influencers Ellie Delphine and Franny Fyne, there’s only ever one way to wear the loose shirt: buttons undone to an exact point with the neck on display.  It might sound simple but it is important to note that each of these women knows how to stop short of going too low. It is the element of suggestion that these women perfect. As always, something that looks so effortless rarely is. 

But thanks to the aforementioned Simon Porte of Jacquemus, his shirts have made this look so easy. Keep scrolling to see how French women have worn shirts like this for years, then go on for the Jacquemus shirt in action.

Jacquemus shirt: franny fyne wearing a white shirt and denim skirt



Style Notes: Franny Fyne wears a chic white shirt with gold jewellery and a denim skirt. 

Jacquemus shirt: Brigitte Bardot wearing a white shirt



Style Notes: The ultimate loose white shirt as seen on Brigitte Bardot. 

Jacquemus shirt: Jane Birkin wearing an unbuttoned white shirts and shorts



Style Notes: Jane Birkin wears a loosely buttoned white shirt paired with white shorts. 

Style Notes: Ellie Delphine wears a white shirt with a pair of brown trousers, boots and a long shearling coat. 

The Jacquemus Shirt
Jacquemus shirt: Monikh wears the jacquemus shirt



Style Notes: She's not French, but Brit-girl Monikh styles off the Jacquemus shirt with a pair of blue jeans in a very convincingly Gallic way.

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