Ivanka Trump’s Dos and Don’ts of Warm-Weather Office Dressing

In a professional environment, your appearance communicates volumes. When I started my fashion collection, I did so in order to give the modern professional woman a brand that would consistently deliver on work-appropriate pieces that were also sophisticated and chic. I don’t believe you have to sacrifice your sense of style in order to succeed in the business world, but I do believe there are certain rules to follow to ensure that how you dress is working in your favour, and not against it. Especially now, in the hottest time of the year, it’s essential to maintain an air of professionalism while keeping your cool.

When the temperature spikes, so does the A/C in just about every office in Manhattan. Pack a summer-weight cardigan or blazer to layer over your ensemble. I’m partial to this lightweight tweed jacket from my own collection. The black-and-white tweed is offset with faux-leather trim, meaning it will work well now and will also be a great transitional piece for fall.

Spaghetti straps simply aren’t appropriate for the workplace. Choose pieces with a thick strap, or bring a jacket or cardigan to wear over your top.

I love a breezy jumpsuit or dress throughout the summer. Avoid anything too clingy or separates that need to be tucked in to each other. One piece of clothing is always better than two. This day dress from Club Monaco features an easy A-line silhouette, which is deceptively comfortable while still looking chic.

They may be cute—and you may have killer legs—but there is a time and a place for short shorts, and your office is not it.

It’s not glamorous, but it’s reality: Your feet will swell in the heat. On the truly blistering days, opt for a feminine flat with a great print or texture.

I love a great strappy sandal, but a flip-flop crosses the line, and is too casual for a professional environment.


Silk, cotton, and linen are all excellent choices for the warmer months. They’re lightweight and breathable, which is a major bonus when it’s hot and humid. This trench dress from AYR ensures your shoulders stay covered without causing you to overheat, courtesy of the linen.

Sweat stains, unexpectedly sheer fabrics, and errant bra straps are all common woes this time of year. When my team shot the Ivanka Trump brand campaign this summer in Miami, our stylist was a wealth of information when it came to fashion emergencies. We interviewed her for an incredibly enlightening post on IvankaTrump.com—check it out.

An accessory that won’t add any weight? A great mani/pedi. I tend to go to the nail salon on Sunday evenings with my daughter. She’s partial to hot pink. Depending on the dress code in your office, you may want to abstain from a bright colour on your fingernails, but a soft pink is always appropriate—and a bold shade peeking out from a pair of peep-toe shoes can be fun.

Chipped polish and open-toe shoes are a bad combination. It looks sloppy and it can be distracting. When your polish starts to chip, remove it altogether.

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