The 5 Items That You Should Always Buy on Repeat

When it comes to longevity, not all fashion essentials are created equal. While some items (such as a splurge-worthy bag or great jacket) require only one purchase every, say, year or two, others such as shirts and tights require a replenishment of your supply a bit more often. As such, these items are worth buying in multiples for both time- and money-saving purposes—whether it’s simply saving yourself a trip to the store or taking advantage of a onetime sale. 

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While these days jeans can feel like quite the investment (with prices ranging from one to three hundred and, in many cases, even more than that) the upside is that more often than not, they go on sale. When this happens, it’s great to stock up on a second pair of your go-to style (you know, the ones that make you feel like you can take on the world) so that when your first pair inevitably rips, fades, or loses shape (beyond the drying machine’s salvage), you don’t feel compelled to pay full price for a new one.

Button-Down Shirts


Style du Monde

No-matter how crisp and clean your new, white button-down shirt is when you buy it, if you wear it often, the collar will eventually lose its shape, the sleeves may yellow underneath, and the once professional-looking shirt will give in to dinginess. The solution? Buy multiples—especially when you can take advantage of various holiday and friends and family sales. If we learned anything this past Black Friday, it was that anything will eventually go on sale.

Despite the many hacks to prevent runs in your tights, even if you prolong the life of some, eventually they will run. To save yourself trips to the store or, even worse, a last-minute wardrobe malfunction when you’re running out the door, we suggest buying tights in multiples and always keeping at least one backup pair on hand.

As somewhat of a T-shirt addict, I can tell you that there’s nothing more heartbreaking than having your favorite tee discontinued by a brand. To avoid heartbreak similar to my Zara debacle of 2014, I highly suggest stocking up on your favorite tee whenever you find it. You never know when it’ll be gone!

Thin Sweaters


Style du Monde

Thin sweaters are something you can wear in every season (alone in spring and summer and layered in fall and winter), so you should always have at least one on hand. The downside to these wardrobe savers, however, is that their fine nature lends itself to eventual wear and tear. Think snagging, pilling, and fading. For this reason, if you find one you like, especially if it’s on sale, you should stock up on at least a couple, if not a few in various neutral colors.