The 8-Piece Wardrobe That Defines Italian-Girl Style

Street style photographers have always pointed their lenses toward inspiring outfits, but lately, their cameras have been steadily focused on Italian girls. We’re equally enamoured. Wearing everything from bold statement pieces to minimal silhouettes, Italian girls have a unique take on personal style that has us captivated. Really, it just seems like they’re throwing out the rulebook and having fun with the clothes they’re wearing.

While each girl has her own distinct style, we’ve noticed some key pieces that are essential to the Italian-girl wardrobe. First, there are feathers, which add a statement flourish of fantasy and whimsy to the plainest of outfits. Then there are animal prints, which no respecting Italian donna doesn’t have in plentiful supply. And we can’t forget (or miss) the bold statements—whether it’s the party dressing-by-day of the Attico founders Gilda and Giorgia or the sleek tailoring of Eleonora Carisi, we can all take something from this fearless approach to getting dressed.

Keep scrolling to see just how stylish they are, and shop the eight pieces you need to get Italian-girl style.