The 20 Designer It Items You Can Buy for Under £300

The fashion category that we editors like to call "It items" is not one that is usually known for its affordability, especially when it comes attached to a designer brand (which it often does). However, in recent years, fashion's "mid-price" offering has expanded, with even the loftiest labels offering up pieces under £300. 




As you'd imagine, this price range is dominated by designer accessories—belts, scarves, jewellery—but if you look hard enough, there are also designer staples, such as logo tees, crew-neck knits and jeans, that can be found at lower prices. It's also worth checking out insider brands that might not have the same look-at-me appeal as Gucci or Louis Vuitton but still pack plenty of fashion kudos. Raey is a great example, as it's established itself as a cult fave amongst fashion editors thanks to its quality, minimalistic staples that won't break the bank (too much).

So if you're looking to get in on the It-brand action without having to sell all your earthly possessions, scroll down to see 20 winning designer buys for under £300 

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