These 18 New It Girls Are Going to Dominate 2017

There are a few select It girls who shall never be toppled from their thrones—think Kate Moss, Sienna Miller or, more recently, the Hadid sisters—but as each year comes around, a fresh crop of faces are ripe for the picking, being wooed by fashion designers, snapped up by agencies and booked for magazine shoots. Whether rockstar or runway goddess, celebrity offspring or out-of-nowhere celebutante, the time has come for us to offer some predictions on 2017's It girls who are in the making.

Whether sending shockwaves through Instagram, garnering interest as the awards season nominations start to trickle in or suddenly appearing on the front row of a Chanel show, there are many ways one can deduce who the next big names are going to be in the most stylish echelons of showbiz. Some of the names listed below may be easily recognisable, however, our crystal ball can forsee 2017 as the turning point for many from kind-of famous into magazine-cover famous.

From the rise and rise of Lily-Rose Depp as fashion's number one pout to the British Victoria's Secret model you didn't even know about, here's who we put dibs on to be this year's most sought-after girls…